About Me

Something About Me?

My CV, essentially.


B.Sc. Science Education

M.Sc. Education & Training Management (eLearning)

Ph.D. Candidate

Peer-Reviewed Conference Publications:

ESAI Conference, 2018, Dublin: “Using the School Self-Evaluation Process to Improve Teacher Engagement with Technology: A Case Study from a Dublin Gaelscoil”

ESERA, 2017, Dublin: “Science Subject Inspections In Schools That Employ The Irish Language As The Medium Of Instruction”

New Perspectives in Science Education’, 2017, Florence: “Choosing a Textbook for Junior Cycle Science”

New Perspectives in Science Education’, 2016, Florence: “Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in the Irish Language Science Classroom, using engaging interactive resources embedded in the Inspiring Science Education project Lesson Authoring Tool”

International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement’, 2016, Glasgow: “Providing Webinar-Enabled Continuing Professional Development, Promoting the Inquiry-Based Learning Methodology, to Science Teachers who Teach Through the Irish Language”